We are nearly two days away from the official first shopping day of the holidays.  It’s about to get real!!  Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year and big deals can be found.  Some people like to brave the crowds and participate in early morning camp outs to find the best deal.

Below are some helpful tips on ways to save money and save your sanity this Black Friday and the entire holiday shopping season!  Be safe out there!

  1. Don’t buy anything for yourself that day.
  2. Use cash- make a list of what you plan to buy, for whom and how much, then take cash with you. If you don’t have the cash on you, don’t buy it.
  3. Don’t nickel and dime yourself and beware of the checkout line impulse items!
  4. Set a target for how long you’ll be in each store. The longer you’re in a store, the more you’re likely to spend. Don’t rush (and don’t go hungry) but don’t dilly-dally either.
  5. Strategize your shopping with lists of items to purchase in each store.
  6. Don’t plan on getting everything for everyone on Black Friday. Cyber Monday is a great option for clothing and beauty products.  December 16th is free shipping day on thousands of websites.  A lot of sites have better sales as we get further into the holidays.
  7. Check out all the Black Friday Ads here: https://blackfriday.com/ads
  8. Don’t forget to mail in your rebates that a lot of Black Friday Door Busters require to get the advertised deal!
  9. Compare Black Friday sale items to other similar items.  Sometimes Black Friday sale electronics are purposefully made inferiorly with fewer features and are the reason they are such a great deal.
  10. Don’t brave the crowds if you don’t have to.  A lot of stores are having the same Black Friday sales online!
  11. Research prices between ads and online stores.  Stores’ big discounts are sometimes based on uber inflated prices.



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